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Wairakei Stream Landscape Plan Submission Form


Submission Form

Draft Stage 1 Wairakei Stream Landscape Plan

Submissions close: Tuesday 28 February 2017 at 5pm
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Submission Guidelines
  1. Any petitions will be treated as one submission from the initial submitter.

Privacy Act Information

The Local Government Act 2002 requires submission to be made available to the public.

Your contact details are collected to arrange a date and time for you to speak to your submission if you choose to and so the Council can write and inform you of the decision(s) on your submission(s).

Your name and submission will be publicly available. If you would like your address, phone number and email address kept confidential you need to inform us by ticking the box above, under contact details, before you send in your submission. You have the right to correct any errors in personal details contained in your submission. If you do not supply a name and address the Council will formally receive your submission, but will not be able to inform of the outcome.