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Report a Problem


Please fill in this form if you have something to report that needs to be repaired, replaced or actioned by Tauranga City Council. Things might include pot holes, tree trimming and street light replacements.  Please provide as much information as you can, as this will help us action your request quickly.

If you have an urgent request or need an immediate response or you need to report a roaming dog, please call us now on 07 577 7000.

1. Select from the list below, what your request relates to:

2. Select what action would you like us to take:

3. Tell us where it is located:

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If you do not know the specific address, tell us as much information as you can about where it is:

Note:  If the problem is located on or originates from private property, it may take longer to resolve as we will need to contact the property owner.

4. Tell us anything else that will help - eg describe what you would like done or why some action is needed:

5. Your contact details:

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Please click on the submit button to send this online form, or click on the cancel button to erase all details.