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Building consent amendments

If you wish to make changes to your building consent, you can apply for a minor variation or an amendment. A minor variation or amendment must be granted before the building work is carried out.

It is also handy to know the difference between the requirements for an Amendment and an Onsite Minor Variation.  Discuss with the inspector on site, whether the changes you required need to be applied for as an Amendment or can be completed on site as a minor variation.

Minor variation clarification

Amendment application guidelines

To avoid delays, it is best to;

  • Apply as soon as possible.
  • If the work contains restricted design work, ensure a new certificate of design is supplied covering the changes.
  • Supply a cover letter detailing the changes and pages affected.
  • Supply only the plan sheets that have been amended, supplying a complete new set of drawings will require the plans to be fully reviewed to ensure they are compliant to building code requirements.
  • Amendment application drawings should be presented the same as drawings for a new alterations to an existing building. Showing the existing build and then showing how that build is to be changed.
  • Ensure all relevant supporting information for the changes has been supplied, for example a change of cladding system supply relevant manufacturer installation details and specification and all supporting appraisals (same as when applying for a consent).
  • If the change is an alternate solution to the acceptable solutions, supply all the information and a letter how the alternate system meets the performance criteria of the Building code.   Please note more than one code clause will be applicable so remember to look at the big picture. For example with a cladding system that is alternate solution not just E2 is relevant, B2 and other code clauses may be affected as well.
  • Clearly note on the revised plans the new revision date and sheet revision number.

Documents required on-site

A complete set of all stamped approved building consent documents need to be on site in printed hard copy for the inspector, for all inspections. Keep the set clean and separate from other construction documents. That is; Stamped Approved Plans, Construction Specification and Support Documents. This also includes all Specialist Reports e.g. Fire safety and egress. If in doubt please discuss with the inspector on site.

The inspector will fail an inspection if these documents are not available. This failed inspection is a cost charge on the project.

Last Reviewed: 19/09/2018

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