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Most of Mauao base track reopens today

Most of the Mauao base track will reopen at 5pm today, Friday 5 May. 

Mauao was significantly damaged by slips and scouring after Cyclone Cook in April. Debris has been removed from slips, and 150 tonnes of rock was put in place to rebuild and resurface the track. 

There may be short-term closures early next week during daylight hours while the last of the repairs are completed.

The track will be accessible from the Mount Maunganui Beach side of the mountain. Visitors will still not be able to complete the loop, and will need to turn back on reaching Pilot Bay.

Mauao base track slip
Most of the base track will reopen; however, the red section shown above will remain closed.

“We are still investigating options for repairing the damage done to the Pilot Bay side by ex-Cyclone Debbie,” says Parks and Recreation Manager Mark Smith. 

“Engineers are still assessing the site, which is difficult given the terrain. They are looking at a number of options to find the most cost effective and efficient way forward. We’re expecting to know more by the end of the month.”

In the meantime, Council is asking visitors not to ignore closures. 

“It’s not just a safety risk – by ignoring the closure you may do further damage to the track and surrounding area, which could mean it takes even more time to repair.”

Published: Friday, 05 May 2017 11:00 by Tauranga City Council