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Council seeks feedback on proposed Special Housing Areas in Wairakei and Greerton

Tauranga City Council is asking the community for feedback on proposals from developers to establish two Special Housing Areas: one in Wairakei (Papamoa East) and one in Greerton. Special Housing Areas help bring more housing to the market faster, through a fast-tracked resource consenting process. These areas are proposed by developers, considered by Council and if supported by Council, submitted to the Minister of Building and Construction for a final decision.

Golden Sands (southern extension), Wairakei
Developer Bluehaven Holdings Limited has requested that Council consider a Special Housing Area (SHA) on land immediately adjacent to their existing Golden Sands development in Wairakei. 

The land is owned by Bluehaven. It was historically zoned as Active Open Space but is no longer required for this purpose and the designation for an active reserve was removed in 2011. This land is currently the subject of a rezoning process – Plan Change 25 – which was consulted on end of 2016 and is due to be heard before an independent commissioner end of May 2017. 

Plan Change 25 proposes to rezone the land from Active Open Space to Wairakei Residential. If Plan Change 25 results in the land being rezoned for residential development in a timely manner then a SHA over the same area would prove unnecessary. However the timeframes for resolving Plan Change 25 are uncertain, and the process could potentially take 12 months or more. 

Nathan York, CEO of Bluehaven, says the company are keen to advance the Golden Sands development with this important land holding in mind. 

“We purchased the land knowing that Council had made a decision in 2011 not to have an active reserve there, and that the reserve would function better located further east to meet the demands of long term growth along the eastern corridor.

"We now want to complete our development in the best timeframes possible. This is why we applied for the Special Housing Area.”

The proposed development would provide approximately 273 new dwellings and would include local purpose reserves and a 1.28ha stormwater reserve. The development would be serviced by both existing and new infrastructure. This includes the extension of Te Okuroa Drive to Livingstone Drive which is scheduled to be completed in June 2018, providing an alternative to Papamoa Beach Road by the time the new dwellings are occupied.

Mayor Greg Brownless says that Council will take into account the recommendations of the Independent Hearings Commissioner on Plan Change 25, along with feedback from this engagement process, when considering this SHA.

“We are aware that we received a number of submissions on the proposed rezoning of the active reserve through the plan change process. We will take the issues raised in these submissions into consideration when we assess this Special Housing Area.

“The timing is not ideal but given the pace of growth the city is currently experiencing, we have to consider this proposal. We are under pressure to provide sufficient housing supply to meet demand over the next few years. 

“And while we agreed to engage with the community on this proposal, we have not formed a view on whether to recommend this Special Housing Area to the Minister of Building and Construction at this stage” Mayor Brownless said.

305 Chadwick Road, Greerton

Over in Greerton, Tauranga City Council has been approached by developer Celt Saxon Corp, who would like the site on the corner of Sherson Street and Chadwick Road to be considered as a Special Housing Area.

The proposed development, Finsbury Park, is expected to yield 71 two- and three-bedroom townhouses and a three-level apartment building containing 59 two-bedroom units. 

The site is currently zoned for industrial development. It is bounded by existing houses to the north and south, and the Kopurererua Valley to the west. Its large size and walking distance to the Greerton Town Centre make it suitable for a more intensive form of residential development. 

Celt Saxon’s vision for the development is to provide quality housing designed for the first home buyer. David Hamilton, director for the company, is proud of the plans they have put together.

“Our proposed design delivers practicality, lifestyle and most importantly choice to a market that doesn’t often get one. We want this development to become a benchmark for all others.”

An initial assessment of the effects of the development on the existing infrastructure in the area has been undertaken, including transportation, water supply, wastewater and stormwater. These appear to be acceptable to Council, but would be subject to more in-depth consideration if the development was to proceed.

The proposed development exceeds the height limits in suburban residential zones, but remains beneath the height limits in the industrial zone.

Have your say

Consultation documents providing details on the proposals, the process and context are available at proposed special housing areas, along with the detailed development proposals and information about how community members can give their feedback. 

Responses must be received by 5pm Monday 29 May 2017. Community views will help inform Council’s decisions whether or not to agree to the request from the developers and pass on these recommendations to the Minister of Building and Construction. Decisions regarding these proposals are expected to be made at a Council meeting in June.


Consultation document – Golden Sands (southern extension), Wairakei

Consultation document – 305 Chadwick Road, Greerton

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Published: Tuesday, 09 May 2017 17:00 by Tauranga City Council