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Tangata Whenua Collective

What is the Tauranga Moana Tangata Whenua Collective?

The Tauranga Moana Tangata Whenua Collective (“the Collective”) is an autonomous body made up of 15 representatives from each of the hapu and iwi in the Tauranga City Council area.

Chairperson: Puhirake Ihaka

Who are the iwi and hapu involved and where are they located?


Ngati Ranginui Iwi - Tauranga
Ngati Kahu - Wairoa 
Ngati Hangarau - Peterehema 
Ngai Tamarawaho - Huria
Ngati Ruahine - Waimapu 
Ngai Te Ahi - Hairini

Ngaiterangi Iwi - Mount/Papamoa 
Ngati He - Maungatapu/Welcome Bay
Ngai Tukairangi - Whareroa/Matapihi 
Ngati Kuku - Whareroa
Ngati Tapu - Matapihi/Otamataha
Nga Potiki - Papamoa/Welcome Bay
Ngati Kaahu Ki Mangatawa - Mangatawa

Ngati Pukenga Iwi - Welcome Bay 

Waitaha-a-Hei - Papamoa East/Te Puke
Tapuika - Te Puke/Te Tumu/Kaituna
Ngati Whakaue ki Maketu - Te Tumu/Kaituna

Rangi n Papa

 The purpose of the Collective is to:

  • provide a Tangata Whenua forum for Tangata Whenua within the Tauranga City Council (“TCC”) area to discuss and debate local authority concerns and allow the Collective to implement initiatives to advance and protect the interests of Tangata Whenua
  •  provide an opportunity for TCC and the Collective to discuss and develop Council concepts, procedures, policies and projects that will impact on Tangata Whenua.

For this reason, Tauranga City Council provides an annual grant to the Collective 

Six representatives of the Collective are nominated on the Tangata Whenua / TCC Committee.  The role of this committee is:

“To provide strategic leadership and advice to Tauranga City Council, Tangata Whenua and the wider community in respect of environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes relating to Tangata Whenua”. 

What the Collective can do for you!

The Collective have two hui each month. The first hui will be dedicated to discussing the Collective’s own issues and local authority concerns. The second hui will provide an opportunity for Council staff to present on any issues they wish to gain advice or feedback on.

Presentations to the Collective

If you wish to discuss an issue with the Collective you need to:

  • notify Mererina Murray in the Takawanega Unit of the hui date you wish to present to
  • prepare a brief report (see Mererina for Report template) summarising the topic and what outcome you are seeking from the Collective
  •  forward the completed report to Mererina by the due date

All reports will be reviewed by Council’s Takawaenga Unit, prior to being forwarded to the Collective’s executive group for comment. Please note, as the Collective members must receive the agenda five working days before each hui, late reports cannot be accepted. 

Want more information?

 For further information on the Collective please

  • contact the Chairperson of the Collective, Puhirake Ihaka  027 2060505
  • contact Mererina Murray (Takawaenga Unit)  07 577 7008.

Last Reviewed: 22/07/2016