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Citizenship Ceremonies

The Mayor's Office of Tauranga City hosts approximately six Citizenship Ceremonies each year. 

During a ceremony, those taking part stand before an official person (normally the Mayor) and declare that they will honour Queen Elizabeth II, obey the laws of New Zealand and be a good citizen. 

The ceremony is important and interesting. It is a time when friends and family can come together to recognise the change in citizenship - from the country of birth to the country of choice. 

Those taking part can choose whether to say the Oath or the Affirmation of Allegiance. The Oath is taken on a book of religion, the Affirmation is non-religious.

Application for Citizenship is made through the Department of Internal Affairs in Wellington. 

Invitations to a Citizenship Ceremony are sent out from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Dates for 2017 Citizenship Ceremonies 

They are held at  Baycourt - Exhibition Hall and start at 3.30pm unless otherwise noted.

Dates for 2017 citizenship ceremonies:

Friday 3 March
Friday 10 March
Friday 17 March – 2 ceremonies (10.30am and 3.30pm)
Thursday 20 April

Wednesday 3 May
Thursday 1 June
Thursday 22 June
Friday 28 July
Thursday 17 August
Wednesday 20 September
Thursday 5 October
Wednesday 22 November
Wednesday 13 December


Entry from: 3.15pm
Guests: 2 max per person


New Zealand Government - NZ citizenship


Last Reviewed: 18/04/2017