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Project Tauranga


Project Tauranga

Project Tauranga is a unique programme that encourages organisations to invest in innovative, exciting projects that benefit our community, so that we can get more things done in our rapidly growing city.

Project Tauranga transforms promising ideas into successful ventures, by matching our partners’ strengths, values and aspirations with great projects. Partners contribute cash, goods or in-kind services – or a mixture of these.

The programme has generated millions of dollars in funding and in-kind assistance for community projects since 2003. It has become a model for Council-related philanthropic giving and has fostered a collaborative way of working that has benefits throughout the community.

Project Tauranga is making a valuable difference to Tauranga. I encourage you join this group of visionary businesses working together to make our city a better place for everyone.

Stuart Crosby, Mayor of Tauranga

Why Should you become a Project Tauranga partner?

  • You get opportunities Forge relationships with businesses, the community and senior Council staff through our quarterly networking events.

  • You get reliability You will be partnering with the strength of the Council. We have the scope, skills and support to ensure your projects succeed.

  • You get leverage Get the most return on your investment. Raise your profile in the media and with city leaders. We seek unique opportunities to acknowledge our partners, and provide expert advice on how to get the most exposure for your brand.

  • It’s easy Take the hassle out of your philanthropic commitments. We develop projects with you that fit your strengths and interests, and showcase your brands and services.

  • You will really make a difference Be part of Tauranga’s future. Every bit counts – funds, in-kind gifts, or volunteer time all help. Together, we can make our fantastic city even better.

Partner quote: “Project Tauranga makes it easy for us to make a tangible difference to our community and give something back, by matching us with projects that make the most of our skills and expertise.” – Noel Band, HEB Structures. 

Partner quote: “Our partnership with Project Tauranga allows us to not only do something great for the community, but also widen our networks and get great exposure for our brand that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish.” – Nik Gregg, Sustainability Options.

What we’ve achieved, together

Millions of dollars in funding and in-kind support has been provided through Project Tauranga to many valuable community projects. These include recreational facilities like the BMX track on Cambridge Road; community facilities like the ASB Arena; and education programmes like Birds, Bees Kids and Trees and school holiday coding workshops, to name just a few. Project Tauranga partners have funded picnic tables and park benches, public barbeques, and a water refill station at the base of the Mauao walking track. They have helped transform our iconic waterfront into a vibrant and exciting destination that makes the most of our city’s stunning location. Above all, they have helped create the Tauranga we all know and love: a talented and innovative city full of opportunity; a city of great spaces, places and environments; and a city with heart and soul.

Take a look here to see who are our Project Tauranga partners and here to see some of the fantastic projects the Project Tauranga has achieved and is doing right now!

Get involved!

Interested? Become a Project Tauranga partner! Contact Michael Vujnovich, Manager Project Tauranga on 577 7000 or 0278 077 241, or at

Last Reviewed: 23/01/2017