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Safe City

Tauranga Moana Safe City

Stay Safe this Summer

Two campaigns were launched in November 2016 to encourage responsible and safe drinking behaviour in the western Bay of Plenty.
‘Stop the Supply’ is aimed at parents, legal guardians and other adults to raise awareness of the illegal nature of secondary supply of alcohol and the subsequent danger to young people.

More information on Stop the Supply
‘What About You?’ is aimed at young people aged 15 – 17 years. The campaign challenges students’ misconceptions of peer drinking norms by highlighting real facts about drinking behaviours that are common amongst young Kiwis.

More information on What about You?
Ensuring your safety over summer in Tauranga is the number one priority for the city.

About Safe City

Tauranga has formal designation as an International Safe Community under the World Health Organisation (WHO) Safe Communities programme. This is organised by the Safe Communities Foundation NZ.

The Tauranga City Safe City project began in 2006 with the first step being the formation of a strong partnership between Tauranga City Council, ACC, Bay of Plenty District Health Board and Fulton Hogan.  More recently, this group has been expanded to include Tauranga Police, the Ministry of Justice and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

The collaboration’s main aim is to make Tauranga Moana a “safe place to live, work and play in”. Projects and initiatives to date have focused on a variety of safety concerns, including alcohol and street violence, falls prevention, and youth development as a means of preventing harm.

There are a number of projects and campaigns operating in the community to address some of these issues.

Tauranga Moana Safe City priority areas are:

  • Crime prevention
  • Alcohol-related harm
  • Family violence prevention
  • Injury prevention

Designation as an International Safe Community:  What does it mean?

Following a site visit on April 1 2006, Dr Carolyn Coggan, Director Safe Communities Foundation, and a panel of local and central government officials, recommended that Tauranga be designated as an International Safe Community under the WHO Safe Communities Programme. Tauranga is the 7th community in New Zealand to achieve this status.

Designation as an international Safe Community, that redesignation was successfully achieved on 11th June 2014. 

Safe City Application document

The application document sets out the scope of the Tauranga Safe City project and the assessment criteria that were applied. The document provides an overview of community safety initiatives and activities that are in place in Tauranga.

For more information on safety check out the following websites:


A site that gives parents tools, guidelines and local contacts to assist in your children having a safe and happy journey through the teenage years.

New Zealand Police 
contains local news and also access to resources and safety tips

New Zealand Fire Service
has contact details for the Tauranga Station and access to promotions and fire prevention programmes and resources

St Johns Ambulance Sevice  
has a description of the services and links to Education Services and first aid courses

describes the services offered and includes access to instructional videos and links to educational services and boating courses

Surf Lifesaving
describes the structure and services of surf lifesaving and provides access to educational material

Water Safety  
lots of information and resources around water safety

Bay of Plenty District Health Board  
provides access to descriptions of the emergency and medical services offered in the region

lots of information on injury prevention: in the home, sports, workplace…

Alcohol Advisory Service  
ALAC’s website provides access to a wealth of resources and advice on alcohol-related issues

provides information and access to counselling advice for young people

NZ Transport Agency  
resources for road safety

Road Safety Trust  
resources for road safety

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017