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Sustainable Schools

Tauranga City Council Environmental Education Programmes (2mb pdf)

Tauranga City Council funds a number of environmental education programmes in schools.  

Details of our education programmes are as follows:

Learning through DiscoveryLearning through Discovery – parks education programme

This is an outdoor education programme funded by the Ministry of Education where students participate in a full day 'hands on learning' discovery day in the natural environment. This programme is open to all Tauranga schools, Yrs 5 - 8. There are four discoveries for schools to choose from:

Teacher resources and booking process

Waterline – water education programme

This programme is available to all primary and intermediate schools, Yrs 5-8.  Our educator spends a week in each class providing an interactive learning experience where students develop an understanding of why we need to conserve water and how, how our wastewater and stormwater systems work and how we can help those systems work efficiently.  Some classes are taken to Chapel Street Wastewater treatment plant for a tour of the facility.

Drain GameThe Great Drain Game

This is an interactive resource designed to educate people about the correct disposal of liquid waste such as old paint, oil and chemicals in order to protect our stormwater system. The resource is used in schools as part of the waterline education programme and is used at community events such as Children’s Day. 

Great Waste Race

The Great Waste Race is a fun resource to teach children about the best way to reuse and recycle various common waste products and about the difference between stormwater and wastewater drains.

Two teams race to be the first to correctly dispose of items like dirty car wash water, empty cans and bottles, food scraps etc. Teams have a choice of recycling, composting, general rubbish, or tipping waste down the sink or stormwater drain.

It’s fun and it’s free for kindergartens and early childhood centres. To book phone Tauranga City Council on 07 5777 000.

Waste minimisation and resource efficiency

This is a programme designed to educate children about sustainability through reducing, reusing, recycling and composting our rubbish, and reducing their families environmental footprint. A different unit is taught each year so that all children will have received all 6 units by the time they leave primary and intermediate schooling.

Available to all primary and intermediate schools in the Tauranga region from Yrs 1 – 8. 

Zero Waste Education

Resource Wise Schools

This is a free programme available to all Tauranga educational institutions wanting to start their journey (or continue on their way) to more sustainable resource use, waste minimisation and waste management. Participants move through four stages of wise resource use. Practical support is given to assist the school in succeeding at each level e.g. a waste audit, worm farms, compost bin materials, signage for waste bins plus more. See more about Resource Wise Schools here.

Worms 4 Schools

The Worms 4 Schools programme supports 40 Tauranga schools to reduce their waste to landfill by separating and worm composting their food scraps.  To be involved in this programme contact the Waste Minimisation Programme Leader on 07 577 7000.


Tauranga City Council has partnered with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council who are the lead agency supporting the enviroschools programme across the Bay of Plenty. 

Enviroschools programme

Travel Safe Schools

Are good for you and the environment.  Travel programmes are available for schools including kids on feet, walking school buses and cycling.

Travel programmes

Paper for Trees Programme

This hugely successful programme gives native trees to schools that recycle paper and cardboard. The programme began in 2001 and is now used in thousands of schools around New Zealand. Tauranga City Council sponsors the programme in the Tauranga area.

Paper for Trees

Other useful resources for schools

There is a wide range of online resources and curriculum-related learning material for environmental education.
Websites worth looking at:

The Ministry of Education’s website Te Kete Ipurangi – this Online Learning Centre has information about the environmental education guidelines for schools, curriculum learning materials and useful links.

Information about resources which can be used as part of an environmental education programme can be found in the Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand.  This directory provides information about activity packs, resource kits, places to visit, booklets and other material on a wide range of environmental topics.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a range of useful teaching resources for different age levels. 

Te Kete Ipurangi

Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand

Bay of Plenty Regional Council teaching resources

Some other useful websites for environmental information, programmes and initiatives


Last Reviewed: 31/03/2017