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Learning Through Discovery

The ‘Learning through Discovery Programme’ is an exciting parks outdoor education programme, available FREE of charge to primary and intermediate level students (Yrs 5-8).

There are currently four discovery programmes for your school to choose from.

The programmes are: 

Click on the image to open the teacher planning unit.   

Click on the image to open the teacher planning unit.

Forest Discovery

 Wetland Discovery

Click on the image to open the teacher planning unit.

Click on the image to open the teacher planning unit.

Coastal Discovery

Estuary Discovery

Clicking on the above programmes will download the teacher planning units.

All discovery days run from 9.30am - 2.15pm. The day is filled with practical inquiry learning.

Your school can select one or several of the discovery programmes available.   

View uploaded information on our Learning through Discovery blog.  Only classes who have attended a Learning through Discovery day can participate in this blog. If your school is attending a discovery day and wants to join this blog, please contact our educator Van Taylor,

In addition to the above teacher unit plans, teachers may find a visual arts unit planner and visual arts resource developed by the Tauranga Art Gallery a useful resource for a follow up art activity in your classroom.

Teachers may also find the Regional Council's yearly event planner which highlights a range of sustainability events and teacher workshop opportunities useful in linking to your Learning through Discovery experience.

This programme has been created with Ministry of Education, LEOTC funding and has been created by Tauranga City Council and the MarineWatch Trust. 

About the discovery programme (712kb pdf)

Learning through Discovery blog

Visual arts unit planner (30kb pdf)

Visual arts resource (130kb pdf)

Regional Council's yearly event planner 



Last Reviewed: 05/04/2017