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Did you know?

  • Tauranga’s Bay Hopper bus service currently has 11 routes around the city. 
  • Tauranga has 85 km of marked road cycle ways.
  • Tauranga has 58.6 km of maintained walkways.
  • There are 51 Kids on Feet walking school buses in Tauranga.

Bay Hopper bus routes

Making Tauranga "easy and safe to move around"

Tauranga Transport Strategy  sits alongside Council’s Ten Year Plan and provides a coordinated approach to transport planning for the next decade.

The strategy identifies actions that can achieve improvements for all forms of transport and ensures there is funding in future budgets to enable the work to take place. 

What is sustainable transport?

Sustainable transport refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment and includes walking and cycling, car sharing, using public transport or exploring new technologies such as renewable energy fuelled vehicles.

Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for 20 – 25% of world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.  Greenhouse gas emissions from transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy using sector.  Reducing single occupancy car journeys assists in reducing this impact on our environment and will often lead to other benefits such as reduced transport or parking costs and improved health where walking and cycling is increased.

Simple steps to sustainable transport:

  • purchase an electric vehicle
  • walk or cycle instead of taking the car when you can. This has the added bonus to helping you get fit too!  
  • find out if you children’s school offers a walking school bus service and get involved 
  • find out if your school takes part in Feet First
  • car share to work. Even doing this once a week makes a difference. Visit  Lets carpool to find a suitable car share partner or plan with your colleagues or friends
  • take the bus.  If you will be using the Bay Hopper service on a regular basis it is worth getting a Smartride card  which you can charge with credit on the bus or at the i-site and simply swipe when you travel.

Feet First

Lets carpool

Smartride card 

Last Reviewed: 21/02/2017