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Electric vehicles

New Zealand is seeing an ongoing increase in the uptake of electric vehicles. Given the high level of renewable electricity generation in New Zealand (approx. 81%), the use of electric vehicles delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • more cost effective – charging an electric vehicle is equivalent to paying only 30 cents a litre
  • better for the environment – reducing CO2 emissions by 80%
  • there are only 20 moving parts in an electric engine compared to 2,000 in an internal combustion engine – less parts means less maintenance!

Electric Station additional information factsheet (473kb pdf)

Are electric vehicles financially viable?

EECA have developed a total cost of ownership tool, which allows you to compare the overall ownership costs of an electric vehicle against any other vehicles you may be considering. 
Vehicle total cost of ownership tool

How can I keep up to date with current information on electric vehicles?

Whether you are interested in exploring an electric vehicle personally or for a business fleet, there is a lot of useful information on Drive Electric including models available and key things to consider. Another useful guide is the New Zealand electric car guide.

New Zealand Electric Car Guide

Where can I charge my vehicle?

Locally, the following chargers are available at:

  • Bayfair Shopping Centre – on the corner of Maunaganui Road and Girven Road in Mount Maunganui. One ‘user pays’ DC rapid charger, (check Charge Net website for charging rates) and two free AC chargers, currently funded by Bayfair.
  • The Strand (southern end), Tauranga. Two AC chargers. This site is New Zealand’s first dedicated solar fed electric vehicle charge site and is free to use (currently funded by Trustpower). 
  • Tauranga Crossing Shopping Centre, The Lakes. Four free AC chargers located outside Look Sharp. 

National charging network: If you are travelling regionally or nationally Plugshare has a website and a Mobile App that you can download, which lists where all the public chargers are.  Similarly, you can view a map of existing and planned charging stations at Charge.

Regional activity:  A regional project is underway (early 2017) to establish a Bay of Plenty charging network that connects the main business centres throughout the Bay as well as tourist destinations supporting stress free travel. 

Council adds an electric vehicle to its fleet

In March, Tauranga City Council took ownership of a Hyundai Ioniq Electric – a 100% electric vehicle (EV). The Ioniq Electric is powered purely by a rechargeable battery and does not use petrol like a hybrid.

Tauranga will be the first Council in New Zealand to own a Hyundai Ioniq Electric which is exciting and provides Council with an opportunity to test the technology and consider the potential for more electric vehicles across the fleet in the future.

Last Reviewed: 27/02/2017