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Did you know?

  • Council manages three water systems – water supply, wastewater and stormwater
  • Tauranga has Aa graded drinking water – which is some of the best drinking water in the country!
  • Stormwater is not treated – it goes straight to the harbour or sea
  • We process an average of 27 million litres of wastewater a day
  • Most sewage spills in the city result from things like clothing, fat, ear buds or nappies being put into the toilet or drains and causing blockages
  • The average Tauranga home (2.5 occupants) uses 493 litres per day.  
    This is how: 
    Water Pie Chart

Simple steps to reduce water use:

  • remember your garden can use a lot of water in summer. Simply watering early morning or in the evening, using mulch, putting a timer on your sprinkler or watering less will help
  • fix leaks and dripping taps
  • install a low flow shower head or simply take shorter showers
  • switch to a dual flush toilet or install a toilet weight into your single flush toilet
  • when replacing your washing machine or dishwasher look for water efficient ones
  • avoid leaving the tap running while cleaning your teeth
  • try and only do full loads when using a washing machine or dishwasher

Simple steps to look after our wastewater system:

  • avoid putting hot cooking fat down the sink – let it cool and place it in the bin
  • avoid putting objects into the toilet, the rule is ‘if you didn’t do it, don’t flush it!’
  • avoid putting strong chemicals down the drain. Chemicals have an impact on the microbacteria working at the wastewater treatment plant to clean our water before it is released into the sea
  • check your gully trap to ensure excess stormwater isn’t entering the wastewater system. This can cause sewer over flows.

Simple steps to look after our stormwater system:

  • remember the drain is just for rain
  • wash your car at the carwash or on the grass to avoid soapy suds getting into the stormwater system
  • avoid dropping cigarette butts on the street, they end up in our harbour
  • if you see pollution please report it – 07 577 7000

Want to know more about how you can save water, power and money?

The Tauranga City Council Waterline Service is here to help!

To undertake a Smart Water Use Check Up in your home you can:

Last Reviewed: 07/02/2017