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Stand for Council

If you love Tauranga and have ideas for our city's future, then you should consider running for council. Running as a candidate is an opportunity to put forward your ideas for Tauranga’s future and make your voice heard. In this year’s elections you can stand for Mayor, ward Councillor or Councillor at large. 

Candidates Handbook

All you need to know about standing as a candidate in the 2016 Tauranga City Council elections is in the Candidate Handbook.

Candidate Handbook (2mb pdf)

Other information for potential candidates

Pre-election report 2016

The aim of this report, from the Council's Chief Executive, is to provide information to the community and prospective candidates to enable an informed election debate around the issues and opportunities facing the Council. It identifies the key strategic issues facing Tauranga and the Council, and sets out information about the major projects in progress or planned over the next three years. It also provides financial information for the three years preceding the election, this financial year (2016/17) and the three years following the election, and gives a run-down of the key projects in the past three years (please note that some of these projects were initiated by previous Councils).

Tauranga City Council Pre-election report 2016 (521kb pdf)

Protocols for current Elected Members

There are some rules around how current Elected Members can communicate in the three-month period running up to the election (8 July – 8 October).
Protocols in election period for Elected Members (310kb pdf)


Nominations for the 2016 local elections are now closed.

Many thanks to all those who have put their names forward to stand for Council. Nominations are available on Tauranga City Council's nominations page on the website.

Nominations for Tauranga City Council local elections 2016


Refer to the Candidate Handbook for details on:

  • how much money you can spend on your campaign and how you need to declare your electoral expenses and donations (Electoral Expenses & Donations)
  • where and for how long you can put up election signs around town
  • what the rules are around using social media for campaigning purposes

Election signs

The rules around displaying election signs around town are set out by our Local Elections Policy. This Policy also defines where candidates are allowed to erect signs on public land. The yellow lines in the maps below show the approved signage areas. One sign per candidate only is permitted in each area. Any questions please contact Steven Trafford, Environmental Services Officer: Parking and Bylaws on 07 577 7000 or 

Maps - approved local election signage areas

Local Elections Policy 

Social media use

Here are some additional guidelines on how to use social media during the election period for campaigning purposes. As a general rule, candidates and potential candidates should not use Council-owned channels with the intention of electioneering.

Social media guidelines for election candidates (36kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017