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Working with other organisations

Tauranga City Council has set up companies and trusts to help it achieve its goals for our growing city. These organisations independently manage Council facilities, or deliver services and developments on behalf of Tauranga’s residents.

Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

A Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) is an organisation in which the council controls 50% or more of the votes or has the right to appoint 50% (or more) of directors or trustees.

Find out what each CCO delivers for Tauranga’s residents:

Bay Venues Limited

Bay Venues Limited (“BVL”) is a company, 100% owned by Tauranga City Council. Council appoints the board of directors. BVL’s venues include aquatic facilities, community centres and halls, ASB Baypark and the recently opened University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance. BVL offers a broad range of leisure and event products, services and programmes.

The new University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance is a collaboration between Tauranga City Council, Bay Venues and the University of Waikato.  
The University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance

BVL Statement of Intent 2016-2017 (244kb pdf)
BVL Annual Report

Tourism Bay of Plenty

Tourism Bay of Plenty (“TBOP”) is a trust, jointly controlled by Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council. The two councils appoint trustees to the board of trustees. TBOP actively contributes to the development of the Western Bay of Plenty as a leading domestic and international tourism destination. TBOP also manages the i-Site Visitor Information Centre.

TBOP Statement of Intent 2016-2017 (795kb pdf)
TBOP Annual Report

Tauranga Art Gallery

Tauranga Art Gallery (“the Gallery”) is a trust, controlled by Tauranga City Council. Council appoints trustees to the board of trustees. The Gallery delivers art experiences and exhibitions of historical and contemporary art. Exhibitions are developed in house with the balance being a mix of touring exhibitions from other institutions and artist projects. A range of education and visitor programmes are developed around the exhibitions to enhance our visitors' experience.

TAG Statement of Intent 2016-2017 (349kb pdf)
TAG Annual Report (3.8mb pdf)


BOPLASS Ltd. is a company governed by a board of directors. Tauranga City Council is one of nine shareholding councils of BOPLASS. To ensure synergy between the company activities and Council’s shareholding activities, the directors are also the Chief Executives of their respective shareholding councils. BOPLASS was set up to foster collaboration between councils in the delivery of services, particularly back office or support services.

BOPLASS Statement of Intent (411kb pdf)
BOPLASS Annual Report

Council Funded Organisations

Additionally Council has service agreements or who we work very closely with organisations and networks.

Creative Tauranga 

Priority One 

Sport Bay of Plenty


COBoP is a network of local and central government managers from across the region that aims to improve the wellbeing of our local communities by working more efficiently and effectively across council and agency boundaries. Its signatories are all eight council chief executives and most central government regional managers from the Bay of Plenty region.


Last Reviewed: 13/02/2017