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Rates funded kerbside collections

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Let’s fix Tauranga’s waste problem

Tauranga City Council proposes to introduce a rates-funded, Council-led rubbish, mixed recycling and organic (garden and/or food) waste collection service for all households by 2021. 

We also propose to introduce an interim kerbside glass recycling service as soon as possible this year in response to Tauranga’s private collection providers ceasing to accept glass for recycling.

Both of these proposals are currently being considered by Council for inclusion in the Long Term Plan, which was open for public consultation from 16 March – 16 April 2018. A decision on whether to introduce these two services is expected on 30 June 2018.

These rates-funded services would enable and encourage Tauranga residents to recycle more and send less waste to landfill and, if adopted into the final plan, could have a big impact on Tauranga’s community and our environment but residents need to have their say on these proposals in order to make them happen.

The details of the full proposed service (such as collection frequencies, what we’ll collect, size and types of bins, user-pays, etc.) will be further investigated and determined – but only if Council agrees that a rates-funded service should be introduced.

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Last Reviewed: 17/04/2018

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