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Tauranga Museum

Council is developing a detailed business case for a modern, purpose-built museum in the city centre. The museum would celebrate and share our unique history and culture, and promote our identity.  

Today’s museums are no longer just static displays of artefacts and taonga.  Modern museums are hands-on, digital interactive spaces which attract people of all ages and nationalities.  They also offer a “gateway” to other sites of significance in the city and an entry point for wider tours of the city and the region.

We need your feedback

Now we need you to tell us what type of experience you want to have in a museum located in the city centre. You have already told us that our city’s history deserves to be told and that a museum will improve amenity and attract people to the city centre. But what else would you expect to see and experience in a museum? What will a new museum do for you?  What do you think it will do for the city? This feedback is crucial to the business case as it will help identify what type of museum we could have in Tauranga.

The business case costs $300,000 and will contain all the information needed for Council to decide whether or not we should invest in a museum. Two sites are under consideration in the city centre; 91 Willow Street and Cliff Road. Options for a shared museum and library space will also be considered.

The preferred way forward will then be included in the draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, which we’ll want your feedback on in March-April 2018.

Museum Concept

Last Reviewed: 26/04/2017