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Te Tumu Strategic Planning Study

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Te Tumu encompasses approximately 5.5km (in length) of rural land. It is bordered by Papamoa suburb to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Kaituna River to the south and east.

Te Tumu is the next urban growth area for Tauranga City, with planning happening now and development of residential housing planned to start around 2021.

Te Tumu map

Study purpose

We undertook a Strategic Planning Study of Te Tumu for SmartGrowth to determine whether the area should proceed to development.  

The purpose of the Te Tumu Strategic Planning Study was to:

  • Consider resource management issues and responses for the possible urban development of the Te Tumu Urban Growth Area within the wider Eastern Corridor;
  • Document (collate, analyse) key opportunities and constraints to urban development in the study area;
  • Assess and identify potential fatal flaws linked to development impacts on the wider environment, and the commercial feasibility of urban development consistent with the SmartGrowth strategy and the Regional Policy Statement;
  • Determine (at a high level) in conjunction with the key landowners, the most appropriate location and density of housing, commercial, industrial and social infrastructure. The underlying goal is to deliver a compact “live, work, learn and play” community as part of the continued development within the Eastern Corridor; and
  • Make recommendations as to whether the planning for the Te Tumu Urban Growth Area should proceed to the next step of a structure planning and Plan Changes pursuant to the RMA (including public and private plan change options) as well as either stand alone or conjoint Regional Policy Statement and City Plan changes.

The plan

  • Stage 1 (completed): Te Tumu Strategic Planning Study (main opportunities / constraints / situation context – potential fatal flaws determination); and
  • Stage 2 (future): detailed structure planning exercise and Schedule 1 Resource Management Act plan change process, including potential operative Regional Policy Statement (RPS) change.

To deliver on the project, four key workstreams were established: 

  1. Constraints mapping and investigation including consideration of the operative Regional Policy Statement, relevant regional plans and the Tauranga City Plan;
  2. Infrastructure servicing requirements;
  3. Financial viability for both the public sector and developers / landowners; and
  4. Cultural / heritage / Tangata Whenua.

Te Tumu Diagram

What we’ve determined 

The outcomes of all the assessments undertaken have determined that based upon the analysis, including tangata whenua engagement, there are no fatal flaws in continuing to progress towards structure planning within Te Tumu and opening up the growth area for development post 2021, in accordance with the requirements of the Regional Policy Statement.

As a result, it has been recommended that TCC initiate structure planning for this growth area from the 2016/17 financial year onwards.

What happens next

We will undertake a structure plan process in the 2016/17 year. This will include a full Resource Management Act process. This will involve community consultation, developing zoning patterns and infrastructure design to enable future development to proceed.

No formal process has yet been put in place on how this will proceed, so when this occurs further information will be added to this website.

Key documents 


Project Manager: Campbell Larking
07 577 7000

Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017