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Visitor Information Centre

Properosed New Visitor Information Centre

Proposed Visitor Information Centre 

Council is looking at the opportunity to build a new Visitor Information Centre at the preferred location of 10 Sailsbury Avenue in Mount Maunganui. This will be a primary hub for visitor information in Tauranga, and there will be secondary hubs in other locations. The concept design is planned to be delivered by early 2017, to enable Council to make a decision on whether or not it will fund construction of the proposed Visitor Information Centre as part of the Annual Plan 2017/18.
This project currently involves the preparation of concept and landscape designs for a proposed new Visitor Information Centre, which will ultimately provide a major contribution to support Tauranga’s tourism offering. It is the first stage in a process towards approval of funding for the new Visitor Information Centre that is hoped to be the hub for visitors seeking information in Tauranga.
The preferred location for the proposed new primary i-Site will be on Council-owned land at 10 Sailsbury Avenue. The Centre will be designed to service cruise shop customers and visitors arriving in larger vehicles, as well as the broader visitor and residential market in Tauranga. Tourism BOP will be responsible for operation of the Visitor Information Centre.

Latest updates – November 2016

Tauranga City Council has appointed of Jasmax as the concept designer and LandLAB as the landscape architect for preparing the concept designs for the proposed new Visitor Information Centre at Mount Maunganui. Tourism BOP are providing information about the operational use requirements for the space. 
Part of the concept design will be a requirement to recognise the cultural and historical significance of the area. Representatives from the local hapu are providing advice on cultural requirements for the facility. There will also be an opportunity to incorporate some resident focused services such as possible event spaces and meeting rooms.
There will be community engagement once Elected Members have given their approval to the initial concepts, which is due in early 2017. Following this, community engagement in the development of the concept will be undertaken in early 2017 which will provide the community with an opportunity to share their ideas about the proposal. The community will also have an opportunity to engage in the concept development through the Annual Plan 2017/18 consultation process.


This project was approved through the 2015/16 Annual Plan process and allocates $100,000 towards the cost of concept design and planning for the Visitor Information Centre. 
If the project is approved through the Annual Plan 2017/18 then construction is proposed to commence later in 2017.

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Last Reviewed: 10/11/2016