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Wairakei Landscape Plan

Tauranga City Council has prepared a draft landscape plan for part of the 15km long Wairakei Stream reserve corridor. The landscape plan will provide a template for enhancement of 10km of reserve over the next 10 years. It includes features such as planting, cultural recognition, signage and pathways. 

The landscape plan covers stormwater reserve land extending from Pacific View Road to the Te Tumu boundary, including Taylor Reserve. The draft landscape plan recognises the heritage value and cultural significance that the area has for Tangata Whenua. The draft plan provides for structures, cultural art and traditional practices in the reserve. 

The land on either side of the Wairakei Stream is primarily stormwater reserve land. Stormwater reserves are designed to flood as a way to manage excess stormwater after heavy rain events. Improving water quality is an important aspect of the landscape plan.

Over the last decade, Tauranga City Council’s investment in dual shared walking and cycling pathways has also helped the Wairakei Reserve grow into a valuable recreation and commuter route.

Draft Stage 1 Wairakei Landscape Plan


Last Reviewed: 01/03/2017