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Property Values and Recent Sales

Property Values and Recent Sales Valuations are completed every three years. The most recent city wide review of rating valuations was completed in November 2015. The revaluations were based on the property sales market at 1 July 2015.

Use the Rating Information Database and click the "View Property Valuations and Sales" link if you would like to view a map to see:

  • the value of your property and the surrounding properties;
  • the sales information from 1 July 2012 – 1 July 2015 used to model the new values; and/or
  • the sales since the revaluation date of 1 July 2015.

You can select a property and view its value. If a property has a house icon and a $ sign this indicates a property sale since the previous revaluation date 1 July 2012 or the current revaluation date 1 July 2015. A property sale that happened before 1 July 2015 is compared to its old value and a sale after 1 July 2015 is compared to its new value. This allows to see how the market is trending after the revaluations date.

A red house icon represents a hot market, and a blue icon a cold market. If the house is red the net sale (sale price minus chattels) was greater than the revaluation value which points to a "hot" or increasing market. If the net sale was less than the revaluation value the house will be blue and the trend would be a "cooling" or decreasing market.

You can view information about the sale, including sale date, gross sale price, net sale price, current rating valuation and percentage change from revaluation.

Often there are hot and cold spots in the same street and suburb. The valuers are able to analyse this information to get an idea of the property trends during the revaluation planning stage. They use information from real sales to build their model for the mass market revaluation.

Rating Information Database

Last Reviewed: 20/03/2017