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Water Remissions

Have you had a water leak? If so you may be eligible for a water rates remission.

Council’s water rates remission policy

4.6 Water Rates Attributable to Water Leaks

In order to provide relief to people in situations where water usage is high due to a water leak, Council may remit water consumption rates where all of the following apply:

  • A remission application has been received; and
  • Council is satisfied a leak on the property has caused excessive consumption and is recorded on the water meter; and
  • The leak has been repaired within one calendar month of being identified (unless evidence is provided that the services of an appropriate repairer could not be obtained within this period); and
  • Proof of the leak being repaired has been provided to Council promptly

The amount of the remission will be the difference between the average consumption of the property prior to the leak, as deemed reasonable by Council, and the consumption over and above that average. Remission is limited to the period where the leak was identified and fixed and the last invoice. Remission for any particular property will generally be granted only once every year. Where a remission for a water leak has been granted to a property under this policy within the last year, the remission decision is to be made by the Financial Controller.

Any remission over 4,000 cubic metres of water is to be referred to the relevant Council Committee for decision.

This is how we apply that policy:

The leak may be brought to the attention of the customer (this could be the property owner, the property manager or the tenant) by Council, for example when checking an abnormally high water meter reading. We would normally talk to the occupant of the property at the time of our inspection or, if no-one is home at that time, we would write to the property owner to advise of the high meter reading. Either way, we would normally give the property occupant, or the property owner, a water rates remission application form.

When we receive a remission application form, we may undertake a further check reading of the water meter, to confirm the customer’s readings and to ensure no leaks are present.

In calculating the amount to be remitted, the period to be considered will normally only cover the period where the leak was identified and fixed, and the last invoice.

What a customer should do when they receive a remission application form:

The application form clearly states that the leak must be repaired within 30 days, if Council is to consider a remission. If a customer wishes to seek a remission having had a leak repaired outside of this timeframe, they should provide a detailed written explanation as to why such a delay has arisen.  Council will then consider all of the known circumstances when deciding whether to grant a remission.

The customer should also supply two water meter readings, taken after the leak has been repaired, and taken a fortnight apart. The customer should record these readings on the remission application form, and in taking the meter readings the customer should satisfy themselves that the needles and dials on the water meter are not showing any movement, when no water is being used at the property. Any such movement on the meter would indicate that a leak is still present, and would need to be repaired before a remission is sought.

The completed application form should be submitted to Council with a copy of the plumber’s invoice (if a plumber undertook any repairs). If the customer repaired a leak themselves, they should provide an explanation of the work involved together with a copy of any receipts for parts purchased. Council will not reimburse customers for these costs, but we ask for such details as evidence that repair work has been undertaken.

Water Remission Application Form 

Water Remission Application Form (89kb pdf)

Call Tauranga City Council on 07 5777 000 or email for more information.

Last Reviewed: 22/02/2017