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Changes to my alcohol licence

Variation of conditions

A licensee can apply at any time to the District Licensing Committee for the variation or cancellation of any condition on their on, off, or club licence.  An example could be the days and hours of trading.

Licensees should first seek confirmation that the proposed changes comply with a resource consent which may have been issued, the requirements of the City Plan and the Local Alcohol Policy.

Once you have obtained your certificate pursuant to sections of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 100(f) for On Licences, for Off Licences and for Club Licences, you can apply to vary or cancel the conditions of your licence.

You will be required to publicly notify (twice) your application to vary the conditions of your licence in a newspaper or newspapers - ie The Bay of Plenty Times or Weekend Sun. Please contact these newspapers directly for costs.

You are required to provide to the Tauranga District Licensing Committee the full-page extracts from the newspaper or newspapers in which your public notification took place.

The general public have 10 days from the date of the first notice to lodge an objection.

If an objection is received, or one of the reporting bodies opposes all or part of your application, the application may need to be forwarded to the DLC  for determination at a public hearing.

When all reports have been received and the public objection period has closed (and there is no opposition or objection) the application will be put before the DLC for approval. If approved, the licence will normally be issued immediately.

Note: where there are final clearances required in relation to the Building Code or Food Act, the licence will not be issued until these have been provided to the Agency.

Application for Variation or Cancellation of Licence (for On, Off or Club Licence) - Form 14 (117kb pdf)

Resource consents

City Plan

Last Reviewed: 18/11/2016