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Off-licence Accord

Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty Off-Licence Alcohol Accord

Tauranga City Council is a key partner of the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty Off-Licence Alcohol Accord. The Accord has been going since 2008 and has over 70 partners.

Off-Licence Alcohol AccordWhat is an Alcohol Accord?

An alcohol accord is a written local agreement between key partners. It’s a non-regulatory and voluntary approach to promoting community safety through safer alcohol supply and consumption. It complements existing Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act regulatory mechanisms.

The key partners are:

  • off-licence liquor businesses (alcohol retailers, including supermarkets)
  • government, regulatory and welfare agencies (Police, local authorities, licensing authorities, health sector agencies)
  • community (safer community councils, residents, local iwi, interested community groups).

Alcohol accords can produce specific and significant improvements in public safety. There are wins all round - the licensees maintain trade by keeping customers safe and satisfied and the community, regulatory and welfare agencies face less of the costs caused by the misuse of alcohol.

Why is the Council involved?

The Council acts as the Tauranga District Licensing Committee. 

The Off-Licence Accord is an excellent way of keeping in touch with off-licence holders in the city as well as other key partners. It means as a group we can talk about how to keep people in our community safe from alcohol misuse and devise safety strategies that suit all parties.

Benefits to licensees

  • Improved compliance with legislative requirements
  • Improved image of alcohol retailers and the opportunity for positive marketing opportunities within the spirit of the "Accord"
  • Building a working relationship and trust of Police, local DLA and other regulatory agencies
  • Providing a forum for raising, discussing and solving issues specific to off-licence retailing, with key local industry/regulatory/community stakeholders and planning for special events.

Benefits for the community 

  • Improved community safety and the perception of safety in the "Accord" areas
  • Reduced access to alcohol for under-age and/or intoxicated persons
  • Reduced alcohol-related harm, disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • Decreased costs associated with alcohol-related crime (assaults, drink driving, property damage, etc), providing health care (to those hurt as a result of alcohol-related incidents) and repairing damage to personal and public property

Want to join the Off-Licence Accord? Please contact Graeme Cushing, Liquor Licensing, for more information.

Last Reviewed: 12/01/2017