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Fees & Charges

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 sets licensing fees for on, off, and club licences. The default fees vary depending on the ‘cost/risk rating’ of each premises.

The default fees consist of:

  • an application fee, which licensees will have to pay when they apply for a new, renewed, or variation to a licence, and 
  • an annual fee, which must be paid by licensees each year .

A premises' cost/risk rating will be determined by a combination of factors including opening hours, type of premises, and whether they have had any enforcement issues. View the framework for determining cost/risk rating.

Framework for determining cost/risk rating (62kb pdf)

How much will you pay?

Please refer to the fees calculator.

License fee calculator

Last Reviewed: 08/02/2017

Gambling Venue Consent Charges

as at 01/07/2016

New Application                                               


Subsequent or increase in number


Last Reviewed: 01/07/2016