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Objection to License Applications

Any person who has a greater interest in a alcohol licence application than the general public can formally object to a licence (or renewal) application. A person with a greater interest may be:

  • a resident (e.g. live in the same street) or 
  • adjacent businesses who are affected by the licence application or are concerned about the proposed activity being of adverse effect.

Once an alcohol licence application is filed with the DLC, copies are forwarded to the Police, Medical Officer of Health and Alcohol Licensing Inspector to consider and report back to the DLC.  The applicant is also required to give public notice of the application.  The notices must be published in either the Bay of Plenty Times or Weekend Sun and a copy also displayed at the main entrance of the premises during the notification period.

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Grounds for objection

There are quite specific grounds for objection, and they are slightly different for each type of licence. These include:

  • The object of the Act 
  • the suitability of the applicant 
  • relevant Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) 
  • days and hours alcohol will be sold 
  • design and layout of proposed premises 
  • supply of food and low and non alcoholic drinks 
  • amneity and good order of locality affected 
  • steps taken to ensure minors and intoxicated people are not served 
  • for renewals, how the premises have operated in the last period

Making an Objection

Objections must be in writing and lodged with the District Licensing Committee within 15 working days of the first public notification.  Options include:

  • sending a detailed letter stating the grounds for objection and whether or not you wish to appear at any hearing 
  • participating in a written group submission, nominating one or two representatives to appear and present the objection at the hearing

For more information about the objection process please view our process for public objections.

Public objections factsheet (85kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 23/01/2017