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Fees & Charges

Annual Licences, Certificates and Registration Fees

Food Premises

as at 01/07/16

Annual Licences, Certificates and Registration 2016/17
Annual Registration under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974  
Less than 50m2  (total floor area)  Renewal $400.00
50m2 to 200m2 (total floor area)  Renewal $500.00
Over 200m2 (total floor area) Renewal $737.00
Mobile Shop registration (selling food) $396.00
No Food Preparation - all food pre-packaged (excludes premises where coffee and/or hot beverages are sold), shelf stable food exclused. $225.00
Other premises to be inspected pursuant to Regulation 83(3) of Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 $225.00
Late Payment Fee (for payments received after 30 September 2016) 20.00%
Site Visit/Pre Application Consultant $140 per hour
Operating kitchens/restaurants on a commercial basis are required to be registered. Annual Registration Fee s based on floor area of kitchen and bar facilities as above. $140 per hour
Other clubs requiring a food hygiene inspection for a liquor licence application or renewal thereof $140 per hour
For inspections as a result of non compliance with a requisition or formal instruction from a Monitoring Officer $140 per hour
Fees for functions under the Food Act 2014  
Initial annual registration fee $280.00
Annual registration renewal fee $145.00
Verification fee for up to three hours of staff time $420.00
Fee for additional verification time exceeding 3 hours $140 per hour
Corrective action fee $140 per hour
Mobile Shops  
Annual Licence Fee $554.00
Note: Mobile shops selling food are also required to be registered.  
Food Stalls  
Sale of food by charitable organisation  
Per annum renewal.  Trading more than 20 times per year. $120.00
Commercial Food Operators  
Annual Fee Renewal $230.00
Base Fee Marine Parade Tender sites per parking space (Christmas Day to Waitangi Day) $700.00 per parking space

Last Reviewed: 22/02/2017