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Stray Cats/Cat Colonies

There is nothing Council can do about individual cats straying on to your property (see notes below about actions you can take) and Council will not provide traps for people to catch cats.

If the cats have been abandoned on your property by a previous owner or tenant please phone the SPCA (07) 5782784

Council can help if a cat colony has established itself on your property. A colony is three or more cats which are living on a property where you live and the cats are unowned and not being fed by anybody. 

If your property is a commercial business then it is your responsibility to manage any animals resident on it.

To report a colony phone Council on 5777000 and our contact centre will forward you a form to complete and return. If the cats in question meet our criteria of being a colony a staff member will contact you and arrange to trap the cats.

Cat Owner Responsibilities

As a cat owner you are responsible for your pet:

  • ensuring their cat does not cause nuisance  
  • providing shelter, water, food  
  • ensuring the animal is healthy and has access to veterinary care if necessary.

In addition cat owners should have their animal desexed and micro-chipped.

There are significant long term benefits in having your cat desexed. 

  • It is healthier and therefore requires fewer visits to the vet.  
  • Your cat is likely to live longer.  
  • You will prevent unwanted litters of kittens and help reduce the number of stray cats.  
  • Undesexed cats are prone to wandering in their search for mates or territory. This places them at risk of being hit by a car.  
  • They can also sustain wounds and abscesses during mating and fighting.

Stray cats not only become a nuisance in our community but they can have a significant impact on our wildlife and can spread disease to domestic pets.

Microchipping increases the likelihood of your cat being returned to you should it go missing. It is a unique identifier and means there can be no argument over ownership should another person try and claim your pet.

Cat Problems and Concerns

To deter cats coming on to your property:

  • Ensure there are no food scraps lying around.  
  • Ensure they cannot access rubbish bags.  
  • Place nails in the top of your fence every two metres so the head of the nail is 50mm above the fence top.

Tie string or wire to the head of the nail so that it is taught between the nail heads. This will deter cats sitting on your fence and coming onto your property.

Reporting Cat Issues

If you have concerns about the health, welfare or treatment of a cat call the SPCA 07 578 0245.

If your concerns relate a cat colony please phone Council on 07 577 7000.

Unfortunately neither SPCA nor Council will respond to calls about roaming cats causing nuisance as this is not an offence.

Last Reviewed: 12/11/2015