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Dog Owner Obligations

Owning a dog comes with big responsibilities, such as:

  • ensuring your dog is registered
  • providing life basics such as shelter, food, water and exercise
  • being responsible for the actions of your dog and ensuring it doesn’t cause nuisance or danger to any person or animals
  • meeting your legal responsibilities introduced by the Dog Control Act 1996 and the Council’s Dog Bylaw.

The Dog Control Act 1996, in conjunction with Council's Dog Control Bylaw 2008, requires dog owners to manage their dog’s behaviour responsibly. This includes ensuring your dog:

  1. is kept under control at all times
  2. does not cause nuisance by loud and persistent barking
  3. does not injure, endanger, intimidate or distress any person, animal or wildlife.

Dog Control Act 1996

Dog Control Bylaw (37kb pdf)

Walking your dog

Most reported attacks are from dogs that are not under proper control.  When walking your dog, make sure you have a lead with you.

When approaching another dog, animal or person attach the lead to control your dog.  Your dog might be friendly but some people don’t want even a friendly dog running up and greeting them.  Other dogs or animals may see your dog as a threat if it is allowed to approach them.

Your dog should be on a lead on any footpath, road reserve or state highway.  You should also be aware of the dog prohibited areas and other leash-only reserves in Tauranga.

Owners of dogs that attack may be prosecuted, which can lead to a fine or even imprisonment for serious attacks. Dogs that attack may be euthanased.

Exercise areas


Dogs bark, it’s what they do.  However dogs are not allowed to be left to bark persistently and loudly.  Barking dogs cause considerable nuisance in Tauranga City and if not managed may result in the permanent removal of the dog.

Talk to your neighbours; ask them if your dog barks while you are out and if it annoys them.  If the answer is yes, you may need some help.  Council can provide some assistance to minimise your dog’s barking.

Other key responsibilities

  1. Registration renewal is required on or before 1 July each year.
  2. Ensure that your dog wears a collar with a current registration tag affixed.
  3. When you microchip your dog notify your Council with the number. This makes returning lost dogs a lot quicker.
  4. Notify Council if your phone number changes.
  5. Notify Council within 14 days if you change address or your dog gets a new owner.
  6. Notify the Councils in the relevant areas if you move to or from another area.
  7. Ensure that your dog receives proper care and attention and that you supply your dog with adequate food, water, shelter and exercise.
  8. Keep your dog confined to your property in such a manner that it cannot freely leave, or ensure your dog is under the direct control of a person.
  9. Pick up any doggy doos immediately when you are exercising your dog in public places.
  10. If you wish to keep more than two dogs on your property please apply for a kennel licence. No occupier of premises other than areas zoned rural can keep more than two dogs over the age of three months at any one time, unless that person holds a licence from Council to do so. There is no cost but some conditions may apply.
  11. Contain your dog if it has a contagious disease.
  12. Provide appropriate confinement for bitches ‘in season’.

Please “scoop the poop” and help keep Tauranga a clean, dog friendly city. 

Dog owners are required to immediately pick-up after their dog and dispose of any faeces in a hygienic manner. To assist dog owners, Council has installed a number of pods containing plastic bags at key locations around our city and on some beach access points. Each pod is located adjacent to a rubbish bin for the convenient disposal of used bags. Dog owners should carry with them at all times a bag so they can “scoop the poop”

  • Daisy Hardwick x2
  • Fergusson Park x2
  • Kulim Park
  • Charmichael Reserve
  • Waipuna Park
  • Gordon Sprat Reserve
  • Memorial Park x2
  • Yatton Park
  • Lakes - Lakeview Quay
  • Faulkner Street
  • Omanu Beach
  • Waiariki Street
  • Blake Park
  • Tay Street
  • Marine Parade
  • Te Ara Place
  • Papamoa Domain x2
  • Ohauiti Reserve
  • Stirling Gate Drive
  • Papamoa Beach Reserve (op 444 Papamoa Beach Rd)
  • Taylors Reserve x2
  • Motiti Reserve
  • Karewa Parade (between 105 and 107)
  • Johnson Reserve
  • Lakes Double Bay Road

Tauranga City Council Dog Control Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to promote the control of dogs so as to minimise danger, distress, or nuisance by dogs to the public.

Dog Control Bylaw (37kb pdf)

Information for Dog Owners – Policy and Bylaws’  (263kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017