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Dog Pound

Tauranga Pound    

If your dog is lost or missing phone Council on 5777000 to check to see if your dog is in the pound. If it isn’t ask to have your dog listed on our Lost and Found register.

Lost and found dogs

Council must hold unclaimed dogs (dogs which have no known owner or the owner hasn’t paid) for a minimum of seven days. If the dog is registered we will hold it for a minimum of 14 days to try our best to locate the owner. 

The Pound provides kennelling for roaming, stray or lost dogs as well as providing a secure area for dogs that have been seized for non-compliance of regulations.

The Pound was refurbished in January 2010.  Each dog has its own pen which exceeds the minimum standard for keeping dogs.

Every effort is made to locate the owners of impounded dogs so they can be reunited.  Tauranga City Council returns home or adopts 85% of all dogs impounded.  Dogs that are wearing a registration tag or are microchipped can normally be returned promptly.  This depends on whether the owner has advised Council of the microchip number and updated any changes in personal details, phone numbers and address.

A dog which is not currently registered will not be released from the Pound until it is registered.

Opening hours

The Pound is open Monday to Friday from 3.15pm until 4.30pm, excluding public holidays.  In special circumstances dogs may be collected outside of these hours if staff are available.


The Pound is located at 88 Hewletts Road, Mt Maunganui in front of Higgins Yard and opposite the Z Petrol Station.  

Paying for your dog

The fee structure is set by Council to cover the cost of maintaining the Pound, feeding the dogs and maintaining security.  View fees and charges.  Depending on the circumstances of your dog’s impounding, other fees may apply.  Please call the Council on 07 577 7000 for the specific fees that apply to your dog.

You cannot pay for your dog at the Pound.  You must pay any fees owing for the release of your dog at the Tauranga City Council office in Willow Street, Tauranga.

You can pay your fees with cash, EFTPOS or credit card.  When you pay you will be given a receipt to take to the Pound to collect your dog.

You can pay your fees (including any registration fees) at any time during Council’s opening hours, but you can only pick your dog up from the Pound between 3.15pm to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Directions to Dog Pound from TCC                               

Directions to dog pound from Tauranga City Council.

Unclaimed dogs

If your dog has been impounded and you do not pay for and collect your dog, it will be disposed of in accordance with Section 69 of the Dog Control Act 1996, which gives Council the authority to adopt, sell, or euthanize (destroy) your dog.

What happens to unclaimed dogs?

If your dog was impounded because it was roaming or committing some other offence you may also receive a $300 fine if you haven’t collected your dog from the pound.


Last Reviewed: 15/08/2016