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Tauranga City Council believes education is the key to ensuring community safety, while allowing people to enjoy the benefits of owning a dog.

The Animal Control team offers free presentations on our animal control functions, caring for and controlling dogs, and bite prevention and safety.

We also have a range of educational brochures available on:

  • dog bite prevention 
  • understanding dog aggression 
  • heat stress for dogs 
  • house training a new puppy 
  • why dogs should not roam 
  • understanding barking dogs
  • how to avoid being the victim of a dog attack 
  • successful puppy training 
  • the control of dogs

The presentation takes approximately an hour including time for questions.  The presentation has been primarily developed to help you understand dogs and avoid becoming a victim of a dog attack.  We've tailored the presentation for those that are exposed to dogs on a daily basis as part of the working environment such as meter readers and posties.  It is also suitable for school groups, community workers and other at-risk employment groups.

Our dog safety presentations to children use education material designed and distributed by the Department of Internal Affairs.  We also provide booklets for children and their parents which were created by the University of Waikato in 2008.  These booklets are currently available free of charge in all our area offices and libraries.

University of Waikato Dog Safety publications

Last Reviewed: 11/11/2015