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Exercise Areas

Walking your dog

Exercise AreaTauranga has a wealth of beautiful parks and reserves that are perfect for exercising your dog. Take a look at the Tauranga walkways brochure for inspiration on places to go.

If your dog is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or nuisance, it must be kept on a leash.  If you are walking near a public road, your dog must also be leashed.  You should also carry a leash with you at all times when out with your dog in public just in case you need to secure your dog.

When walking your dog with a leash, the leash should be no longer than two metres and should be held by a person physically capable of restraining the dog.

Some dogs do not have to be leashed in public and can be taken into areas normally prohibited to dogs.  These dogs are: 

  • Bona-fide Guide dogs
  • Certified Hearing Ear dogs
  • Companion dogs (Certified by the Top Dog Companion Trust)
  • "Specified agency" dogs on active service

You can exercise your dog almost anywhere in Tauranga City as long as it is under control. This includes most city parks.

Tauranga Walkways (2mb pdf) 

Leash Areas

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in these areas:

  • Matua Salt Marsh
  • In the Papamoa Dune Wilderness Area which is between Papamoa Domain and Taylor Road

Prohibited areas

There are some areas in Tauranga where you are not allowed to take your dog, either because of ecological sensitivities or because they are used intensively by the public. These areas include:


  • Mount Maunganui main beach, from Moturiki (Leisure) Island to Mauao (the Mountain)
  • Pilot Bay from Mauao (the Mountain) to Salisbury Avenue
  • Omanu Beach, within 200 metres from Omanu Surf Club premises
  • Papamoa Beach, within 200 metres from the Papamoa Surf Club premises

Beach means any land on or adjacent to the seacoast and includes any walkway, boardwalk, the foreshore and dunes.  This means that dogs are not allowed on the dunes, grass or boardwalk at Mount Maunganui main beach.  This also means dogs are not allowed on the grassed area between the road and beach at Pilot Bay.

Parks and Reserves

  • Elms Reserve
  • Mauao (the Mountain) including the base track
  • Moturiki (Leisure) Island
  • McLaren Falls Park
  • Papamoa Hills Park (within Western Bay or Plenty District Council)
  • Inside any fenced children's playground or within 10 meters from any play equipment inside any unfenced children's playground
  • Otumoetai Pa Historic Reserve at 29 Levers Road

Please remember to always take something with you to clean up after your dog if it fouls in public spaces.

Dog-free zones brochure (297kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017