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Lost & Found Dogs

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog please phone the Council call centre on 07 577 7000.  The staff will take all the details and check our records to see if your dog has been found.

If your dog has not been found we can keep the information on our Lost and Found register for one month.

If your dog finds its own way home, please notify the Council so we can take your details off our Lost and Found register.

You may like to visit The Pound during opening hours (3.15pm - 4.30pm Monday to Friday) to check for yourself whether your dog is there.

You may also wish to call the SPCA on 07 578 0245, or the Western Bay of Plenty District Council on 07 571 8008. There are also lost and found reports on local radio stations.

Microchipping your dog and advising Council of the microchip number will make it easier to reunite you and your dog.

Finding a dog

If you find a dog, please phone the Council.  We will collect the dog and take it to the Pound until the owner can be contacted.

Council can access national dog records and re-home the majority of dogs that are impounded.  In addition to returning the dog, the owner is provided with information to reduce the risk of the dog roaming again.

If you find a dog and retain it for more than 72 hours you become legally liable for that dog’s registration and behaviour.

Last Reviewed: 22/11/2016