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Stock & Other Animals

Stock ControlStock management is controlled by Tauranga City Council bylaws and the Impounding Act 1955.

Stock owners are required to ensure their animals are securely fenced at all times (as prescribed by the Fencing Act 1978) and can be liable for a range of fees if their stock escapes.

Fencing Act 1978

Stock on the road

If you see stock loose on a state highway contact the Police or NZTA. Council staff can not respond to stock in these situations.

If the stock is not on a state highway contact Council to report the roaming stock. Animal Services will respond.

If the stock is likely to cause danger to road users you may need to stay to warn other road users until help arrives. If it is obvious where the stock has come from you may be able to return them to the paddock.

Stock Owners

If your stock stray onto a roadway you will be liable for:

  • any damages in the event of an accident, for which you could have criminal charges laid against you and  
  • any costs incurred as a result from your stock being impounded by the Council including:

- transportation to the stock pound
- advertising
- impounding fees
- animal control officers’ time and mileage
- grazing costs
- necessary vet treatment etc.

Stock on private property

If your stock stray onto private property you will be liable for:

  • any damage caused by the stock  
  • trespass and sustenance costs claimed by the owner of the property and  
  • any costs incurred as a result from your stock being impounded by the Council such as outlined above.

If any stock stray onto your property you may:

  • Return the stock to the owner or arrange with the owner (if known) to collect the stock. Or  
  • Impound the stock for up to 48 hours on your property. Or  
  • Impound the stock and arrange with Council to have them transported to the Council stock yard.

You may claim damages, grazing fees and other costs (refer to the Impounding Act 1955 for more information).


Stock fence (as prescribed by the Fencing Act 1978)

being “a wire fence, having 7 or 8 wires properly strained, the posts to be of durable timber, metal, or reinforced concrete, and not more than 5 m apart, and securely rammed and, in hollows or where subject to lifting through the strain of the wire, to be securely footed, or stayed with wire; the battens (droppers) to be affixed to the wires and of durable timber, metal or plastic, evenly spaced, and not fewer than 3 between posts; the wires to be galvanised and of 2.5 mm high tensile steel or 4 mm steel or its equivalent; the bottom wire to be not more than 125 mm from the ground, the next 3 wires to be not more than 125 mm apart; and the top wire or rail to be not less than 1 m from the ground”.


  • Horse 
  • Cattle 
  • Deer 
  • Ass
  • Mule 
  • Sheep 
  • Pig or goat

Keeping of animals in Tauranga

Tauranga City has bylaws to manage a range of animals kept within the city.  These are designed to minimise the impact these animals may have on residents.

Information on Keeping Animals in Tauranga City

For specific information relating to the following animals refer to the appropriate section of the Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2008.

  • Pigs and Goats – Section 3 
  • Poultry and Bees – Section 4 
  • Stock – Section 5

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2008 (139kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 09/11/2015