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Graffiti vandalism (tagging) is a crime that affects the whole community. It can lower property values and encourage more vandalism and other types of crime. If left, it can suggest that the neighbourhood doesn’t care or isn’t able to cope with the problem. Tagging left intact tends to attract more tagging. 

Tagging is any informal or illegal marks, etching, carvings, drawings, stickers or paintings that have deliberately been made without permission by a person or persons on any surface in a public place.

You can take action against tagging in your neighbourhood by cleaning it up as soon as it happens. A strong community response sends the clear message to those involved that tagging will not be tolerated. 

Free removal service

Tauranga City Council offers a free graffiti removal service for residential and small business property owners unable to cope with the problem themselves.  This service is aimed at delivering a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to graffiti. 

More information on graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal brochure (2.74mb pdf)

Sale of spray cans

As of June 26 2008 new sections were inserted into the Summary Offence Act 1981 relating specifically to graffiti vandalism and the sale of aerosol cans.

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Last Reviewed: 18/04/2017