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Traffic Box Art

Gate Pa boxMany people are offended by the extensive tagging that occurs on utility boxes within the city, such as traffic control boxes, power boxes and communication boxes.

These are popular sites with taggers as they are often located in very public areas where people walk or drive past, or in the case of traffic control boxes, stop at the lights and see the tag.

To help reduce tagging on these boxes, Tauranga City Council has initiated a Traffic Box Art project.  Local artists are invited to create artwork on the traffic signal cabinets that sit adjacent to traffic lights around the city.  These cabinets, which are Council property, house the control mechanisms for intersection and pedestrian crossing traffic signal lights.

It has been proven elsewhere that turning these traffic boxes into beautifully painted roadside artworks reduce the likelihood of them being tagged, while making a beautiful and intriguing creative feature in the urbanscape of the city.

Council has already approved such artwork on two traffic control boxes that have previously suffered extensive tagging.  Both of these art works have been well received within the community and have not been tagged since they were painted.

Guidelines for Traffic Box Art

Anyone can apply to paint a TCB. Families, professional or first time artists, school groups, kids or elders can all be involved.

Two essentials for the artist are:

  • yWelcome Bay boxou must live, work, or play within Tauranga City 
  • you must have your design approved by Tauranga City Council.

There are currently 33 traffic control boxes in the city with at least another five proposed.

  • Artists will be asked to observe and take note of unique character, stories and histories of the local areas in choosing subject matter for their artworks. 
  • Tauranga City Council provides approved artists with a pack containing paint (undercoat and primary colours plus green, white and black), safety vests, painting rags and drop sheets. 
  • Artists must provide their own paint brushes and must comply with safety and environmental guidelines.

For further information about the Traffic Box Art project please contact Council's Community Development Advisor on 07 577 7000.

Last Reviewed: 15/03/2017