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Construction Noise

Construction noise is common within any City.  In recent years, our city has experienced an increase in the amount of residential and mixed use development which can result in increased noise levels.  This can include noise associated with any type of construction such as demolition, maintenance and remedial works.  The noise levels generated by construction works can be very high and continuous, which can affect sleep and concentration amongst residents and those working near construction sites.

What hours are acceptable for construction noise?

Council uses the New Zealand Standard for construction noise to assess and control construction noise.

The hours when noisy construction work is allowed depends on location and day of the week

Construction sites (not home handyman and DIY work) often have a Resource Consent that allows for different noise levels during working hours.

Residential Areas

Monday to Friday:

6:30am - 7:30am: low level noise activities permitted (arrival, preparation for work)
7:30am - 6pm: construction work permitted
6pm - 8pm: work can continue, however the permitted noise levels during this period are less than those permitted 7:30am - 6pm. 
After  8pm: no noisy construction is permitted

7:30am - 6pm: construction work permitted (no activities permitted before 7:30am)

Sunday/Public Holidays:
No noisy construction work permitted

Commercial /Industrial areas
Permitted at any time depending on what is nearby
Not permitted at night near residential activities, hospitals, hostels, hotels, accommodation and other noise sensitive activities
May also depend on Resource Consent conditions or permits

For more specific information, please contact Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.

Last Reviewed: 01/11/2016