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Seized Equipment

When equipment is seized it is delivered to Council. Council is required to keep equipment for six months from the date it was seized.

Any equipment taken by an enforcement officer can be reclaimed from the Council offices in Willow Street upon payment of a release fee. The fee covers the costs of removal and storage and can be paid by cash or EFTPOS.

You must make an appointment to pick up any seized property to ensure that your property and the monitoring officer are available.  Please phone us to make the appointment on 07 577 7000.

Before we release any seized equipment we need to verify ownership.

  • The seizure notice and a utilities bill for the address where the equipment was seized from must be presented. 
  • Photographic ID with a name matching that on the utilities bill must also be shown.
  • Should you not reside at the property where the equipment was seized from, proof of ownership, e.g. hire purchase agreement or warranty must be shown.

If equipment is not reclaimed within the six-month period a letter is sent to the address from which the equipment was taken advising that if payment of the required fee is not received within seven days the equipment will be disposed of.

Excessive noise direction infringement notices

An infringement notice will also be issued for breaching an excessive noise direction or an abatement notice. An infringement notice for breach of an excessive noise direction incurs a fee of $500.00, and a breach of an abatement notice incurs a fee of $750.00.

Release fee is $190, however if seized from a property for which an abatement notice has been issued, the release fee is $220.

Further information about Excessive Noise (691kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 08/02/2017

Seized/impounded property (due to noise) fees

as at 01/07/2016

Fee payable by the occupier of a premises who applies to Council for restitution or property that has been seized and impounded pursuant to the Resource Management Act 1991.


Fee payable by the occupier of a premises who applies to Council for property that has been seized and impounded after the issue of an Abatement Notice $220.00


Last Reviewed: 06/03/2017