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Mobility Parking

What is a Mobility Park?

A mobility park is a specially designated car parking space for disabled people. Even if you are disabled you MUST have a mobility card to park in a mobility park.

Mobility cards can only be used if the driver or any passenger is disabled and the approved disabled parking permit is prominently displayed in the vehicle.

Mobility cards are issued by:

CCS Disability Action: 74 14th Avenue, Tauranga or call 578 0063

More information about mobility parking 

Mobility Parking Spaces

The list below shows where mobility parks are located in Tauranga. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. The CCS booklet issued to the card holder lists the locations of all mobility parks throughout the country.

  • Adams Ave - Hot Pools car park (2)
  • Brookfield Shops - parking area
  • Cameron Road - east side (1) outside Greerton Medical Centre
  • Civic Car Park - outside Library
  • Clivedene Street (1) - outside Matua Primary School
  • Devonport Road - west side (2)
  • Durham Street East (2) outside Baycourt 
  • Elizabeth Street - opposite multiplex cinema
  • Fourth Avenue - south side; north side
  • Hall Road - east side
  • Grey Street - east side
  • Hamilton/Harington Street car park
  • Kiteroa Street - north side
  • MacLean Street - opposite Social Welfare
  • Maunganui Road - opposite BNZ; Library Car Park (2)
  • Pilot Bay Mall
  • The Strand - south side; opposite Information Centre

Tauranga City Council Access Map

Use the Tauranga City Council access map for planning your next visit to the central city.

Tauranga City Council Access Map (463kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 21/03/2017