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Parking Buildings

Parking buildings are at Elizabeth Street and Spring Street. Both buildings are automated. Remember to pay at the automatic pay station before returning to your car.
You can also pay by credit card at the exit barrier.


Both parking buildings are open 24/7.


  • There is no overnight parking fee.  The maximum charge per day is capped at $13 until 6am next business day, including over weekends and public holidays. 
Time Fee
0-1 hours   $1.00
1-2 hours  $2.00
2-3 hours $3.00
3-4 hours  $4.00
4-5 hours  $6.00
5-6 hours $8.00
6-7 hours $10.00
7-8 hours $12.00
8+ hours (maximum charge)  $13.00
Overnight $5.00
Lost ticket $15.00
Elizabeth Street Early Bird (pre 9.30am) $7.00 per day
Spring Street Early bird (pre 9.30am) $9.00 per day
Entry after 3pm Mon-Fri Free
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays Free

Other Parking costs

Last Reviewed: 28/09/2016