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Parking Costs

 In the city centre there are two parking zones for on-street parking priced at $2 (green zone) and $1 (yellow zone) per hour.

The further away from the heart of the city that you park, the less you have to pay.

See the nearest pay and display machine for charges and times of operation.

Off-Street Parking (Pay and Display)

  Current Rates
Dive Crescent car park $1.20/hr or $2.50 for all day parking. Free on weekends.
Cliff Road car parks (two public car parks) $1.20/hr or $2 for all day parking. Closed on weekends.
The Strand Northern Reclamation, Harington Street, Durham Street East, Durham Street West car parks $1.20/hr or $6 for all day parking. Free weekends.
Devonport Road (entry via Elizabeth Street), Masonic Park, Hamilton Street, Phoenix car parks $1.20/hr time restricted
Half day monthly concession cards for off-street city centre car parks $50.00
Full day monthly concession cards for off-street city centre car park $80.00

Note: Cliff Road carpark is closed in weekends.

Motorcycles do not have pay and display when they park in a designated motorcycle parks.

Parking Buildings

Parking Building Fees

Leased Parking

There are car parks available for lease in seven parking areas ranging in price from $100.00 to $180.00 per month. Email for more information.

Note:  There are currently no leased spaces available in CBD.

Last Reviewed: 20/01/2017