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Monthly concession coupons

You can buy monthly concession coupons for some of the off-street car parks.  These are available from the city council in Willow Street or via the PayMyPark app. If you are paying with PayMyPark, you can switch between vehicles if needed.

  • Monthly coupons do not guarantee a parking space
  • Monthly coupons are not valid for street parking.
  • Monthly coupons are not valid in the parking buildings.

All day off Street Carpark

  • Cliff Road Car Park – Car Park 1 (next to Rose Gardens)
  • Dive Crescent Car Park – Car Park 2
  • Strand Waterfront Car Park – Car Park 3
  • TV3 rooftop Car Park, Car Park 5 - Durham Street (enter from Wharf Street)
  • Harington Street Car Park – Car Park 6
  • Durham Street Car Park – Car Park 8 (opposite TrustPower)


Half day coupons are valid for 3 consecutive hours per day between 9am-3pm.  Full day coupons are valid from 9am-3pm.

  • Half Day Monthly Parking Coupon: $50
  • Full Day Monthly Parking Coupon: $80

Last Reviewed: 28/09/2016