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Parking Principles

When reviewing how parking is managed, Council takes the following key principles into consideration:

  • support the economic viability and sustainability of commercial centres, in particular Tauranga City Centre
  • recognise the total economic, environmental and social cost of travel
  • economically important parking spaces in the central areas of commerce will only be for short-term parking
  • commuter and long-term parking will be accommodated in peripheral areas
  • management of pricing and time limits will be used to maximise the use of each car park
  • short-term parking pricing (where applicable) will be graduated, so that it is cheaper further from the commercial centre
  • road safety, pedestrian, cycling, public transport and loading facilities will take precedence over parking
  • excessive commuter parking will not be permitted in residential areas
  • appropriate and proportionate levels of enforcement will apply in all areas
  • parking will be provided through a balance of public investment and private provision
  • seasonal parking and pricing will be considered where appropriate
  • parking policies will continue to encourage accessibility for all

These principles provide the framework which potential changes to how parking is managed are tested against.

Last Reviewed: 26/07/2016