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Roadside Vehicle Sales

There are very few places on the roadside where you can legally park a vehicle with a "For Sale" sign on it.

To find out where you can park a vehicle for sale please call Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.

Below is a list of roads where you cannot park a vehicle for sale either on the road or on the grass verge.

Vehicles can’t be parked within 30 metres of any intersection of any road on the prohibited list.



Local Roads

Brown Street Willow Street to Cameron Road
Cambridge Road From intersection of Waihi Road/Otumoetai Road to SH29
Cameron Road From intersection SH29/Pyes Pa Road to Marsh Street (inc CBD)
Chadwick Road  
Chapel Street Entire Length
Devonport Road From Eleventh Avenue to The Strand
Dive Crescent From the Strand to Mirrielees Road
Domain Road Total Length 
Eleventh Avenue From Waihi Road to Fraser Street
Elizabeth Street Entire Length
Fifteenth Avenue Entire Length
Fraser Street Entire Length
Girven Road      Entire Length
Grey Street Entire Length
Harrington Street Entire Length
Hewletts Road From Maunganui Road to Tasman
Levers Road Directly in front of 29 (Pt Lot 1 and 2 DP 28736) which is TCC owned reserve classified for historic purposes (commonly known as the Otumoetai Pa Historic Reserve).
Marine Parade Entire Length
Maunganui Road From SH29/2 to Salisbury Avenue
Moffat Road From SH2 to Cambridge Road
Ngatai Road From Chapel Street to Charles Street
Otumoetai Road From intersection of Waihi/Cambridge Road to Ngatai Road
Oropi Road/Fraser Street To SH29
Palm Grove Entire Road and cul-de-sac
Papamoa Beach Road/Maranui Street     From Girven Road to the boundary of 1007 Papamoa Beach Road
Parton Road From Papamoa Beach Road to Council Boundary
The Strand Entire Length
Totara Street Entire Length
Turrett Road Entire Length
Welcome Bay Road From SH29/SH2 to boundary
Willow, Wharf and Durham Streets Entirel Length

Traffic & Parking Bylaw 2012

26.          Displaying Vehicles for Sale on Roads

26.1        The Council may by resolution declare roads or parts of roads where vehicles may not be displayed for sale.

Note: See Attachment 8 for the resolutions made under this clause

26.2        No person shall stop or park a vehicle on any section of any road to which aresolution made under clause 26.1 applies, or on any other road within 30 metres of any intersection of any road to which a resolution made under clause 26.1 applies, for the purpose of selling that vehicle or advertising that vehicle for sale to the public, or for the purpose of selling to the public any matter, object or thing within the vehicle.

27.          Vehicle Removal

27.1        An authorised officer may remove or cause to be removed any vehicle or other thingfrom any road or other area controlled by Council, if that vehicle or thing is parked orpresent in breach of this Bylaw, or any resolution made under this Bylaw, and the Council may recover from any person responsible for committing the breach all expenses incurred by the Council in connection with the removal of the vehicle or thing.

27.2        The Council must use reasonable care in the removal and storage of any vehicleremoved under this clause but is not liable for any loss or damage arising directly orindirectly from the removal of any vehicle under this clause unless caused by the negligence of its agents or employees.

27.3        The powers that may be exercised under this clause are in addition to those provided by the Land Transport Act 1998 and sections 356 and 356A of the Local Government Act 1974.

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017