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Home Composting

Compost at Te Maunga

Garden waste

Garden organics (or ‘green waste’) collection is a user-pays service. It can be collected through private kerbside operators or dropped off to one of the Transfer Stations. 

Composting of garden waste ('green waste') can be seen in action at the Te Maunga Resource Recovery Park.

List of kerbside operators

More information on transfer stations

Food Waste

Tauranga does not have a centralised collection and/or composting facility for difficult organic material (food waste). We encourage households to firstly reduce the amount of avoidable food waste (e.g. bread, left overs and other food that could have been eaten) they throw out and secondly, to compost their food scraps at home to keep them from going to the landfill where they can cause adverse environmental effects. 

There are many systems available for removing organic waste at a household level including worm composting and Bokashi. 

For more information about how to reduce food waste, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website:

Worm Composting

Tauranga City Council has a Home Composting Programme which includes a number of Worm Composting Workshops. The two hour workshops are subsidised (a nominal fee is charged) and teaches participants the basics of worm composting or ‘vermi-composting’ and how to harvest the compost or ‘vermi-cast’ to use on gardens as a beneficial plant food and soil conditioner. Participants receive their own worm farm bin, worms, lime and compost so they can go home and get started straight away.

An expert vermi-composter programme runs adjacent to the Workshop to give community-based support for households who are just starting out with worm composting. The expert vermi-composters are people who have had their own household worm compost systems and can help beginners identify any issues.

If you would like to register for the worm composting workshop or the Master Vermi-composters programme contact Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000

Note - Worm Composting Workshops generally run in March and September every year, with dates to be confirmed.

Note - Western BOP District Council run their own workshops, therefore WBOP residents are unable to attend the TCC workshops. WBOP residents need to contact Ilze Kruis from the WBOP District Council on 07 571 8008 for more information.

Last Reviewed: 22/09/2016