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Kerbside Collection

Tauranga City Council Rubbish Bags

Council's rubbish bags are  prepaid pink stickered black bags which are available from all supermarkets


Pre-stickered (pink) plastic black sacks bundle of 5 (handle type)

$11.96 per bundle of 5 
(Recommended Purchase Price)
Pre-stickered (pink) plastic Black Sacks bundle of 5 (low cost type) $10.89 per bundle of 5
(Recommended Purchase Price)


For full details on Rubbish Collection

Last Reviewed: 20/07/2016

Conditions for collection of Council Rubbish Bags

Must be:

  • placed at the kerbline (or edge of seal where there is no kerb) by 7.30am on collection day 
  • visible, placed well clear of obstacles such as letter boxes, poles and trees
  • securely tied or fastened
  • weigh less than 15kg
  • if a dog attacks the bag before it is collected, it is the responsibility of the contractor to pick up loose rubbish from the bag
  • please do not put used oil packs, hot ashes or liquids in rubbish bags
  • please wrap sharp objects before placing in the bag to prevent injury to collectors

Rubbish collection days

No collection of Rubbish Bags from private ways

More information on other Kerbside collection options

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017