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Resource Recovery

Resource RevoveryThe resource recovery park at Te Maunga in Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui, accepts a range of resources such as concrete, demolition materials, solvents, household recyclable materials and green-waste for recycling and reuse. Access is via the transfer station which also processes waste for transport to landfill. 

Existing viable businesses involved in recycling or recovering resources from the waste stream have relocated to the park. .

Businesses operating currently at the resource recovery park are:

  • recycling drop off centre: free recycling for some materials. 
    Transfer Stations 
  • composting : green-waste made into certified organic compost 
  • solvent recovery / distillation : solvents distilled to a reusable product 
  • kerbside recycling collection processing: materials baled and exported for processing into new materials 
  • construction demolition separation for materials reuse 
  • concrete collection for crushing and reuse in construction 
  • waste oil collected to be used as a fuel 
  • Flat glass recycling (automative, window pane etc) and bunkers for colour seperated bottle glass
  • untreated timber processing

Reuse of materials

Second hand goods reuse is provided for in Tauranga by second hand stores.  Search in the Yellow Pages under Second Hand.

Other alternatives for reuse of materials include:

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017