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Recycling helps to ‘close the loop’ in recovering resources. Recycling enables materials to be processed and remade into new products. 

By recycling we can reduce depletion of natural resources, energy/water use and reduce waste to landfill. 

Manufacturers take responsibility of their products and recycling can be built into the cost of a product. A successful example of product stewardship scheme in New Zealand is Resenes Paintwise scheme.  Other current voluntary schemes can be found at the Ministry for the Environment website

Household Domestic Waste: 

All complaints about non-collection of kerbside collection or free paper collection should be directed to the contractor who provides your kerbside collection service.

Commercial Waste:

Mobile phones and accessories

Tauranga City Council is partnering with RE:MOBILE, a recycling programme that provides New Zealanders with a thoughtful and environmentally friendly disposal option for their unwanted mobile handsets and accessories. And a part of profits go to charity!

Collection bins are available at Council’s Willow Street service centre and either of our resource recovery parks at Te Maunga or Maleme Street; and cardboard collection boxes at our libraries in the city centre, Greerton, Papamoa or the Mount.

Collected phones are either sent overseas to be sold and reused (if they’re working), or they’re taken apart and recycled in Japan. Batteries, chargers and accessories are sent for breakdown both in NZ and overseas, and component materials are recovered and reused. A few tips: remove the SIM and memory cards first. Batteries can remain in the handset. All phones will be wiped before being assessed for suitability for reuse or recycling. Visit for more information.

Last Reviewed: 08/12/2016