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Berms and Verges

Berm IconGrass berms and verges are generally on Council owned land. Council encourages residents to mow the berms outside their property, which not only helps keep our city looking tidy but also helps keep rates down.

Council's policy is to mow berms when they get to 300mm high. If you wish to discuss this policy and how it effects you please call us on 07 577 7000 for more information.

 Information on berms and verges and who looks after them (75kb pdf).

Planting the verge outside your property

Occasionally Council will allow residents to plant the verge outside their property.  This is on condition that the resident takes responsibility for ongoing maintenance and either ensures the next owners take over that responsibility or that the verge is returned to grass when the property is sold.

To apply for permission to plant the berm outside your property please write to us at:
Tauranga City Council
Attention: Transportation
Private Bag 12022
Tauranga Mail Centre
Tauranga 3143

or email on

Road Berms for Public Parking & for Planting on Berms in Front of Private Residences Policy (16kb pdf)

Every time our lawns need mowing we have to mow the equivalent of 129 rugby fields

Last Reviewed: 22/02/2017